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Becky Marie
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Short bio of the stuff I do/make/play with on LiveJournal (anything else can be found on Passing Fancies, my blog).

tomomichi - fanworks recs, updated every other day or so--fanart and fanfic for any animanga series I'm interested in, with occasional dashes of comic books and Harry Potter stuff

tatari - my sadly neglected Tatsumi/Watari (Yami no Matsuei) LJ comm ~_~

kakairu - my sadly neglected Kakashi/Iruka (Naruto) LJ comm ~_~

dolphinsex - the community amanecer and I write anime and manga reviews on

squickitude - the community joyeuxnoel and I post our fangirling in, but we're lazy

scarephin - (scarecrow x dolphin--yes, we are huge Naruto dorks, shut up) the community amanecer and I post our fangirling in, but we're even lazier

hakusoka - the community where I attempt to keep a list of the drama CDs and mp3s that I have--it's nearly a year out of date *wince*

There are more, but I forget now. ~_~

Please note that anyone is free to friend me if they like, I don't mind at all! I also hope no one feels offended if I don't friend back right away, because I tend to be an extremely shy person (Despite the way I may come across, I almost never make the first move to meet someone new.) and like to get to know people first, you know? I more than welcome meeting new people, though! (Just keep in mind that I can be very shy, it doesn't mean I don't like you. ^_^;;; )

(My friending policy is generally this: I friend back when I can place a name or concept or facet to your LJ username. You liked this pairing, you're a fan of that character, I can remember your name, your icon burnt itself into my memory, you talk to me around the various journals or comms, etc. Just something so I can distinguish you from any other random person. ....god, I hope that doesn't sound too pretentious.)


Mostly this journal will be used for fangirling purposes only--it isn't that I think people shouldn't post about their every day lives on LJ, because, hell, it's a journal, right? For me, though, I like to post thoughts on whatever it is that's caught my attention at the moment--which will be 98% anime/manga commentary.

I post a lot of screen captures and media files (drama CDs or scans or songs or the occasional video clip) and you can look over my journal to see about how often I post. And, yes, I can easily be bribed into posting something if you give me icons or tempt me with shiny drama CDs I do not have and am currently whining for.

I'll love and adore anyone who can get me the following:
Gravitation - Sound Story I
Gravitation - Audio Comics II
Gravitation - "FAKE STAR" (vol. 1)
Gravitation - "DRIVE ME HIGH" (vol. 2)
Gravitation - "Messenger ~Toki no Shishatachi~" (vol. 3)
Love Mode - drama CD 4
Harukanaru Toki no Nakade manga scanslations, chapter 2+
any HaruToki drama CD I don't have listed on hakusoka

A quick word about icons: It has yet to happen and I doubt it ever would have cause to, but it doesn't hurt to mention it, either. Nearly all of my icons have been custom made for me, because I prefer using icons that are unique to me, that are easily identifiable as me at a glance. Not all of them were custom, a few come from freely usable icons, but don't assume that just because I have a source listed that it's a freely sharable one. I went to a lot of hard to work bribe people into making them for me, so I tend to be a greedy bitch about them. ^_~

+anima, aishiteruze baby, akutaka, al/winry, aya/ken, bakuretsu hunters, batman, cardcaptor sakura, chuck austen sucks, clamp, crawford/schuldich, date seiji, dick grayson, dnangel, dragonball z, edward elric, fma, fruits basket, fuji, fuji syuusuke, full metal alchemist, fullmetal alchemist, furuba, fuuma x kamui, gad guard, gambit, gatchaman, get backers, gokusen, gravitation, gundam wing, gungrave, hagane no renkinjutsushi, hagaren, hanakimi, harry potter, harukanaru, hashiba touma, havoc/hawkeye, hawkeye/havoc, higuma otoshi, hijikata x souji, hikaru no go, hunter x hunter, i ♥ fuji, i ♥ tezuka, ichigo/orihime, initial d, inuikaidoh, inuyasha, justice league, juuni kokki, kikumaru beam, kikumaru eiji, kinomoto touya, koko wa greenwood, last exile, lost universe, manga, maria-sama ga miteru, matantei loki ragnarok, megami kohousei, mirage of blaze, momoryo, momoshiro, monkey d luffy, moon volley, muraki/hisoka, murakixhisoka, naruto, nightwing, niou masaharu, oishi, oishieiji, one piece, peace maker, prince of tennis, princess tutu, ranken, ranma, roronoa zoro, roy mustang, roy/ed, royxed, ryo/touma, saiyuki, sakuno, sanada x yukimura, sanji, scrapped princess, scryed, seiji/touma, seishirou, seishirou x subaru, shounen ai, shounen jump, slayers, subaru, tachibana kaimu, takamichi, takigawa eiji, tatsumi/watari, teen titans, tenipuri, tenma, tennis no oujisama, tezuato, tezufuji, tezuka, tezuka kunimitsu, tezuka x atobe, tezuka x fuji, tezuka zone, tezuka's crotch, tezuka/fuji, tezukaatobe, tezukafuji, tezukakeigo, tezukaxfuji, titans, tokyo babylon, tomomasa, touya, trigun, tsubame gaeshi, tsubasa reservoir chronicles, tsuzuki/hisoka, ultra maniac, utena, weiss kreuz, winry/al, wolf's rain, x, x-men, x-men: evolution, yagyuu hiroshi, yagyuu/niou, yami no matsuei, yaoi, yohji/ken, yoroiden samurai troopers, yoshizumi wataru, yuu yuu hakusho, zukafuji, zukafuji raburabu

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